Project Management


Agile project managementWhen realizing a large investment for an I.T. project, it is essential to be able to rely on strong Project Management skills in order to get all the expected benefits from this project and avoid the pitfalls that await uncontrolled I.T. implementations.


At Amigolog our ambition and responsibility is to make your project a success, and to that effect you can rely on our team of experienced professionals to manifest :

  • strong Project Management methodology (long or short projects, large projects or smaller ones, Agile V methods)

  • strong technical background,

  • professionalism and preciseness,

  • openmindedness, and ability to face unexpected situations.


AMIGOLOG and the Agile approach 

Today, we can observe that companies departments want to increase productivity and flexibility, they need for tomorrow new solutions / developments  that provide the right information to the right person at the right time (reduced time to market) .

With traditional methods, IT services wish detailed specifications to build the right solution, they would prefer to re-contact you once the solution is complete.

However, these traditional methods often lead to the following conclusions:

  • Solutions are too late and no longer aligned with the business need,

  • Solutions add cost and complexity and restrain the business in its ability to fulfill its missions,

  • A low capacity to take changes into account .


The project managed with Agile methods reconciles the wishes and needs of each other, these methods are based on simple principles that AMIGOLOG can help you to implement:

  • Design or development cycles, short but structured and iterative

  • A continuous interaction between business actors and IT management

  • A documentation which is a tangible support to produce the software, but not necessarily exhaustive, there is only one criterion for measuring project progress: the software that runs

  • Continuous user acceptance tests

  • Taking into account changes with the will of a shared prioritization of needs

  • The strong involvement of the entire team in the project and in planning actions (evaluation of velocity, planning poker ...).